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Frantic Assembly - 'Othello' UK TOUR
and Lyric Hammersmith 2022/23

"Gill is great as the bewildered lieutenant caught in the middle, never quite as smart or as sober as he thinks he is" 

- Evening Standard


'A special mention must go to the fantastic Tom Gill portraying the wrongly accused Cassio, who had some of the most intricate moments of choreography in the show.
My eyes were drawn to his character throughout the entire performance'


- York Mix 


First Light, Chichester Festival Theatre
by Mark Hayhurst
Dir. Jonathan Mumby



'Tom Gill steals the show with a devastating monologue'    


- The News 


Yard Theatre
Dir. Jay Miller 

(Perk) as played by Tom Gill, he’s difficult to like but impossible to entirely hate. Restless and jerky, he vibrates with pent-up energy, a fidgeting symbol of the directionless frustration of so many young men from whom hope and compassion have been robbed.

- Exeunt Magazine




by David Greig

Dir. Roxana Silbert 

RSC/National Theatre of Scotland


Leading us through much of the story is a young first-time soldier- played by the superb Tom Gill, who recalls a long-ago Kenneth Branagh.

-Chicago Sun Times

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